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B2Bdemo is the first cryptocurrency broker representing a new class of brokerage services!

More and more people are becoming involved in the crypto industry. The recent trend has occurred due to the high rate of return which exceeds that of traditional financial instruments hundreds of times over. As a result, the market continues to grow.

Distinctive features of crypto brokers when compared to crypto exchanges:
1. Super modern and powerful MT5 trading terminal which excels in convenience, navigation, trading, additional services (there are many robots, applications, social network of MQL5 traders on the market) and speed of any current platform of crypto exchanges.

2. Quotation accuracy and accuracy of the deposit is 8 digits after the decimal point. 

3. System of accounting for positions includes both netting and hedging on the trader’s choice. In netting, all orders for a single instrument have one position, with a hedge each order is a separate item. 

4. Millions of traders around the world are already using MT5. You just need to enter a new login, password and IP address of your new broker to get started. 

5. The user can choose a cryptocurrency in which to nominate the deposit. For example, if the user chose Bitcoin as the deposit currency and bought Bitcoin for a pair of BTC/USD, then, as the cost of Bitcoin increases, the user will receive revenue twice i.e. from the rise in the cost of Bitcoin (since the deposit balance is nominated in Bitcoin) and from the growth of the pair BTC/USD.

6. Margin trading with a 1:3 leverage allows you to trade for a total of three Bitcoins while having only one Bitcoin on your balance. 

7. Trading in crypto assets is available 24/7.

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